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Importance of marketing on the Internet

Internet takes over more and more as a channel for commerce and information development. Therefore businesses and organizations struggle harder and harder to get on top of search results. For businesses it is a matter of survival - is not exposed, they lose customers and the revenue.

On the other hand if you reach the top of search results, you can grow much faster than it was previously possible.


Be seen on the internet - payable services

There are some methods to make your business visible by paying for traffic. Google's AdWord and Overture are examples of this. The positive of this method is that you are visible at once you pay for it. Less attractive is it, that with increasing competition the prices increase. In some professions (lawyers, borowing money, brokers etc. are pushed very hard and the price to be set can be formidable. And you pay for each click regardless of whether the visitor becomes a customer, or not. But it could be better than ending up on page 100 among the millions of results.

Another option is to register in directories. The free, have long wait before pages are being recorded. The money also helps here. With Yahoo! does one have to wait only seven days - to know whether you will be taken or not. You must pay anyway. As if that was not enough, you should pay each year. And also here there is no guarantee that you come on top of the results (regardless of payment).


Be seen on the internet - optimization for search engines

It is also not an ideal solution. The competition is very hard. Despite the fact that many are advertising with Be visible today, it may take a long time to reach the first page. Top results from one search engine do not guarantee that they are visible in other. As with the payable method you can lose location because of stiff competition. And it is not easy to optimize pages - you can do it free on your own, but you compete with millions of others who do it the same way.

On the other hand, optimization is one of the most cost-effective methods to compete at the top. Optimization helps too to convert a visitor into a customer. And this is what we are fighting for. High visitor numbers without corresponding revenue is a sure way to disappear from the market. There are dozens of factors to consider when optimizing your pages. Even advanced (and expensive) software packages solve that problem differently and you must have good knowledge of optimization to use them most effective.