Rent Module - User Manual
Rent Module - User Manual

General about Rent

Rent is a Web Aplication for reservation of equipment from Rental Company.

All the customers can work through Internet, check the availability of the equipment they will rent and reserve (or more correctly ask for reservation of) chosen equipment.

The reservation request is sent as e-mail to the Rental Company and a copy is sent as e-mail to the customer.

The solution is open, but requires that an interface to the Rental Companys Database will be created. The data shown is imported at the request time.

The solution is Multilanguage and additional languages are easily implemented.

Selection of Records

Selection of records is used many places in WePro. That are some general rules for use of that facility

Any field
If nothing is chosen, all values of that field will be shown. If all fields are empty, the result shows all records.

Text fields
Any part of the field can be used for search. The search is Not case sensitive.

NB! If the length of Selection Key is 1 (only one character) then only the records starting with that character will be chosen.

Date fields
See general rules for Using Date Fields.

  • If there is only 1 Date field, the value chosen selects all records for that day
  • If there are From and To Dates, the From Date selects all records for and after that date, the To Date selects all records for and before that date.

Undefined Enumeration value
Means that the value is not initialized and no records will be chosen.

All Enumeration value
Means that All values for that field are selected

Using Date Fields

The sequence of date elements shall be: day, month and year (2 or 4 digits). When you visit the registration page first time after logging in, the date is automatically set to todays date. You can use any delimiter from (punktum, slash, dash, space or nothing), so f. ex. all following is correct:
13.11.2005, 13.11.05, 13/11-2005, 13/11-05,
13 11 2005, 13 11 05, 13112005, 131105

But you can also write only the day or day and month and get the date with current month and year replacing the missing ones. If you use only day, the value does not need to be 2 digits. F. ex. in november 2005 the entry 7 will be converted to 07.11.05.
If you are unsure about the date, you can get help. The symbol:   activates calendar which transfers the date for you:

Customers Account

To be recognized by the module, if he has already registered before, the customer must supply his E-mail address:

If the E-mail address is not recognized, a new empty Account (with the specified E-mail) will be created. The form opens, showing all fields:

Here the customer can correct his data, or create his new Account. If all is already present and correct, nothing more needs to be done on this page.

Equipment Selection

It would be ressource consuming to show all the available equipment for reservation. Because of that and to make it easier for the customer, the first operation is to choose the interesting equipment to show from the Select Area:

Equipment Group
Here you can choose the Group of equipment of interest for you

Equipment Code
Here you can choose the Code of equipment if you know it or a part of it

Equipment Name
Here you can choose the Name of equipment if you know it or a part of it

See also the general information about Selection of Records

After pressing the Select Button the customer is presented with a list of equipment from his selection:

After selecting the actual Get boxes and accepting with Select button a new list with selected equipment is shown:

The button allows you to remove already selected items. If the Item line is splitted (See Reservation Outline for details), the number of lines for that item is reduced by 1 else the item is removed completely.

The Select Area and Select Equipment operations can be repeated to add additional equipment to the list

Reservation Outline

The first thing to do here is to choose the date interval for the reservation:

See the Using Date Fields for information about selecting dates.

After selection of Date Interval the customer is presented with a list showing availability of the chosen Equipment in the chosen Date Interval:

The Split column
Pressing the button splits the current line. That allows for choosing different date intervals for the same item. The operation can be repeated to get more than 2 lines.

Quantity (Qty)
Number of Equipment Items to reserve. The lines with no Quantity will not be chosen for reservation.

From and Until
Specify the Date Interval for the reservation. See Using Date Fields for more information about shortcuts for Date settings.

The Date Headers
The Headers for Saturday and Sunday have a red background. Only the day value is shown, and the days show the chosen date interval.

If you have activated your Account (See Customers Account), pressing this button allows you to transfer the selected information to E-mail routine.

Sending Reservation

The E-mail routine shows the chosen details for the reservation - The User Information for the reservation request:

and the request information

Additionally there is a possibility to send a personal message:

The request will be sent to the Rental Company and a copy of it to the customer requesting the reservation.