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General about WePro

WePro is a Web Aplication for control of:

  • Work time
  • Travel time
  • Travel expences
  • Material costs

used on projects. All the users can work through Internet and control the status of their information at once after it is registered. The workers do not need to come to their company only to register data, which often causes problems after several days of working in "Field". They can get confirmation/acceptance for carried out work from their customers immediately, which gives better control with invoice complains.

The Data from this application can be transfered to Companies accounting system, providing integrated solution, with all data registered only once

There are following categories of users:

  • Super
    This user has complete control with the application. He can create Admin users, delete them, restrict number of projects and number of workers per Admin User
  • Admin
    Administrator for one of the Companies using this application. He can:
    • Create projects and Accounts for Customers of project
    • Register Company Workers
    • Register Items used in service
    • Control income per project, worker, total and in a period of time
    • Correct the data for his Company

  • Workers
    The Workers of one of the Companies. They can:
    • Register their own worktime, materials used, Travel time and expences
    • Edit their own registrations
    • Print out the summary of their own registrations for confirmation and signature from the Customer

  • Customer
    Responsible for Project from the Customer. He can:
    • See (and print) his Project expences per workers, materials used, travel expences, per day or time period


Comparison with NavWEP

  • WePro is not an Add-on. It can be used with any accounting system or even without
  • Same installation can be used simultanously against many different Companies
  • The price for Company can be made dependent on size (Number of projects, workers, customers). Different payment methods (subscription, trial)
  • Same installation can be used simultanously against many different accounting systems
  • There are no restrictions on customer operating system
  • The user is not restricted to Internet Explorer. Mozilla, Firefox and some other browsers can be used. There is still restriction on newer versions of browsers
  • The application is Multi-Language. The language can be changed at any moment, independent for each user. The language files must be translated
  • Import and export of data in many different formats (also user defined)
  • Project control is not designed yet. At the moment WePro is designed as follow-up tool for projects. It's primary function at the moment is Project costs registration and reporting
  • Payment plan, Project plan and transactions are not designed yet
  • Editering and acceptance of registrations by Project leader can be easily implemented. Records can also be deleted or deactivated after transfer to accounting system
  • WePro is not hardcoded against Excel. The data can be exported in many different formats, which amoung other can be used by Excel
  • Registration of expences, transportation, materials aso is one of fundamental functions
  • Text and comments (even with images) are available for each registration. The advanced editor is working with different browsers
    Important This feature is stopped at the moment. The reason is that export to other systems (Accounting, Excel aso. must remove the formatting (Html). The final solution is not decided yet.

General Features


Selection of Records

Selection of records is used many places in WePro. That are some general rules for use of that facility

Any field
If nothing is chosen, all values of that field will be shown. If all fields are empty, the result shows all records.

Text fields
Any part of the field can be used for search. The search is Not case sensitive.

NB! If the length of Selection Key is 1 (only one character) then only the records starting with that character will be chosen.

Date fields
See general rules for Using Date Fields.

  • If there is only 1 Date field, the value chosen selects all records for that day
  • If there are From and To Dates, the From Date selects all records for and after that date, the To Date selects all records for and before that date.

Undefined Enumeration value
Means that the value is not initialized and no records will be chosen.

All Enumeration value
Means that All values for that field are selected


Using Date Fields

The sequence of date elements shall be: day, month and year (2 or 4 digits). When you visit the registration page first time after logging in, the date is automatically set to todays date. You can use any delimiter from (punktum, slash, dash, space or nothing), so f. ex. all following is correct:
13.11.2005, 13.11.05, 13/11-2005, 13/11-05,
13 11 2005, 13 11 05, 13112005, 131105

But you can also write only the day or day and month and get the date with current month and year replacing the missing ones. If you use only day, the value does not need to be 2 digits. F. ex. in november 2005 the entry 7 will be converted to 07.11.05.
If you are unsure about the date, you can get help. The symbol:   activates calendar which transfers the date for you:

Customer Area


Summary of customer records

The customer has to select the data for the summary:

Here one can specify the time period and one of the customer projects or all together.

After selection the data is presented for the Work:

For the Travel:

And for the Expences:

At the bottom the Totals for the selection are shown:


Customer Account

The customer has the possibility to update the data about himself:

Worker Area


Setup for registration

We have tried to make the setup for workers registration as easy as possible. The setup configures the system for registration for 1 chosen day, one chosen customer and one chosen project:

  • Date
    See general rules for Using Date Fields
  • Customer
    Initial value is undefined. You can choose from an alphabetically sorted list of Company's customers.

  • Project
    Initial value is undefined. You can choose from an alphabetically sorted list of Company's projects. After that the Customer is chosen and updated, the list shows only projects for that customer. To get complete list of projects again, the Customer value must be changed back toUndefined
    After the Project is chosen, the Customer is set automatically to the correct value.


Registration of work hours

After the Setup you can register your work hours:

From and Until
are for registering the start and end Points of the work time. The hours shall be separated from minutes with colon (:).

short text explaining the work performed

Notes and extended edit
There are 2 icons in this column: which means that Notes are present and when they do not exist. When the pointer is placed over the first symbol, you can read the notes in a PopUp. Pressing any of these symbols transfers you to Extended Edit form, where the notes and other elements for actual record can be changed.

is the price per hour without Vat

Vat %
is the percentage used to get brutto prices

The Delete column
Pressing the button deletes the current line.

Add Lines
Inserts new line for registration of worktime.

Update the Block
Any change of values (The white fields) must be confirmed with that button. All the lines can be updated in one operation.

Project Leader Area




Company Leader Area

Super Administrator Area

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